Andrew Eugene Choi (최유진)

Tech Lead | Software Engineer

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University of Waterloo

BASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Honors | Waterloo, Ontario

Seoul National University

BASc in Computer Engineering | Exchange | Seoul Gwanak Campus

Professional Experience


Tech Lead | San Francisco


Software Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area


Software Engineering | San Francisco Bay Area

Snap Inc.

Software Engineering | Greater Los Angeles Area

Snapchat Inc.

Software Engineering | San Francisco Bay Area


Software Engineering | Greater Toronto Area


Software Engineering | Greater Toronto Area

BlackBerry Limited

Software Engineering | Waterloo, Ontario


Arthur F. Church Scholarship | University of Waterloo

Waterloo Arthur F. Church Major Entrance Scholarship. Highest scholarship offered by University of Waterloo to 1 student in the Computer Engineering class of 2019. Presented to a student with exemplary extracurricular activities & exceptional academic standing (99% average).

"Two scholarships, valued at $10,000 each, are awarded annually to outstanding students entering first year in the Faculty of Engineering: one to a student in Mechatronics Engineering and one to a student in Computer Engineering or Systems Design Engineering. Selection is made on the basis of academic excellence and extracurricular achievements as assessed through the Admission Information Form. This fund is made possible by a donation from Arthur F. Church to encourage exceptional students to attend Waterloo and to assist them in their scholarly pursuits."

President's Scholarship of Distinction | University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo President's Scholarship of Distinction.

"If you meet the following conditions, you’ll be awarded a University of Waterloo President’s Scholarship of Distinction valued at $2,000 and a $1,500 International Experience Award and/or a $1,500 Research Award. Your early May admission average, including required courses, must be 95% or higher for the program for which you’ve received and accepted an Offer of Admission. You must accept your Offer of Admission by the date specified on the offer. You must be enrolled at Waterloo in full-time studies (minimum 2.5 course units) for the entire fall term."

North Vancouver Dogwood Scholarship | Government of British Columbia

Awarded by the Government of British Columbia, District/Authority Award for outstanding graduating students.

"Definition of Dogwood District/Authority Awards: The purpose of the Dogwood District/Authority Awards is to acknowledge superior achievement in the following specialty areas:"

Passport to Education Scholarship | Government of British Columbia

British Columbia Passport to Education Scholarship - Full Stamp.

"A Passport to Education is a small booklet that contains stamps awarded to students for achievement in academic and non-academic areas. Students can use their passport award towards the cost of their post-secondary education or job-training program. The Passport to Education Program recognizes and rewards student achievement in a broad range of academic and non-academic areas according to criteria and guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education. Passport scholarships are used to assist students with tuition towards their post-secondary education and/or job training programs."

West Vancouver Art & Music Scholarship | West Vancouver Foundation

West Vancouver Art & Music Scholarship.

Provided based upon well-roundedness in artistic and musical excellence. Rewarded upon recommendation of musical instructors and mentors.

National AP Scholar with Distinction | College Board

College Board. For exceptional standing on all 7 exams written.

Certificate & Honours standing for receiving a perfect score on 6 of the 7 AP examinations written.

McGill University Major Entrance Scholarship | McGill University

Valued $20,000 in total, Second Highest Major Scholarship offered at McGill University, in all faculties.

"Major entrance scholarships (Renewable), offered by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office, are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and outstanding leadership in school or community activities. Please note that "leadership" constitutes more than simple participation in extracurricular activities. A separate application is required soon after submission of your application for admission. To determine if you qualify, please review the minimum academic requirements. Students who apply for, but do not receive a major scholarship will automatically be considered for a one-year entrance scholarship and, if eligible, for the additional award."

Civic Youth Enhancement Award Scholarship | District of North Vancouver

Link to DNV Scholarship. District of North Vancouver Civic Youth Enhancement Award. Mayor's Speaking Notes. Provided based upon well-roundedness in artistic and musical excellence.

"The Civic Youth Awards Program recognizes District youth between 10 and 24 for noteworthy achievements and contributions to the community. This award recognizes youth who made positive contributions to the community on a voluntary basis, such as serving on a committee, or other volunteer work with organizations and groups."

Vancouver Korean-Canadian Foundation Scholarship | Vancouver Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation (VKCSF)

Vancouver Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation: Been selected as a recipient of the 2015-2016 Vancouver Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation Award, on July 13th, 2015 (Monday). Vancouver Korean Press News: VanChosun

"The Vancouver Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation (VKCSF) is a charitable organization dedicated to providing scholarships to qualified students with Korean heritage or to those pursuing academic fields related to Korea. VKCSF encourages students to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the Korean-Canadian community and the wider Canadian society."

No. 1 GPA High School w/ Scholarships | Academics

University of Waterloo | Computer Engineering

Course Title Course Code   
ECE Practice: Introduction to Professional Engineering ECE 100A
Physics of Electrical Engineering I ECE 105
Linear Circuits ECE 140
Fundamentals of Programming - C# ECE 150
Electrical and Computer Engineering Practice ECE 100B
Discrete Mathematics ECE 103
Physics of Electrical Engineering II ECE 106
Digital Circuits and Systems - VHDL ECE 124
Engineering Design, Embedded Systems - Java ECE 155
Electrical and Computer Engineering Practice ECE 200A
Numerical Methods I - MATLAB ECE 204A
Advanced Calculus I for ECE ECE 205
Digital Computers - ARM Assembly ECE 222
Electronic Circuits I ECE 240
Algorithms and Data Structures - C++ ECE 250
Engineering Profession, Ethics, and Law ECE 290
Electrical and Computer Engineering Practice ECE 200B
Signals and Systems ECE 207
Embedded Microprocessor Systems - C ECE 224
Electronic Circuits II ECE 242
Operating Systems and Systems Programming - C ECE 254
Electrical and Computer Engineering Practice ECE 300A
Probability Theory and Random Processes ECE 316
Digital Hardware Systems - VHDL & FPGA ECE 327
Optimization MSCI 331
Compilers - Java ECE 351
Database Systems ECE 356
Analog Control Systems ECE 380
Programming for Performance ECE 450
Fundamentals of Computational Intelligence ECE 457B
Software Design and Architectures ECE 452
Capstone Engineering Design Project ECE 498A
Capstone Engineering Design Project ECE 498B
Computer Security ECE 458
Cooperative & Adaptive Algorithms ECE 457A
Calculus I for Engineering MATH 117
Calculus II for Engineering MATH 119
Linear Algebra for Engineering MATH 215
Chemistry for Engineers CHE 102
Introduction to Microeconomics ECON 101
Engineering Workplace Skills I: Reasoned Conclusions PD 20
Engineering Workplace Skills II: Developing Effective Plans PD 21
Professional Development: Intercultural Skills PD 8